Wiring & Cabling for Computer Networks

tampas network cabling professionalsToday’s companies can’t afford to be left behind because of less-than-adequate computer systems.  To perform at the highest levels, these systems require the latest and best in computer network cabling.  This is what DataTek & A/V of Tampa Bay specializes in.

Throughout the Tampa Bay area, we provide a range of data wiring services for small businesses with simple infrastructures all the way up to large corporate entities with multi-storied commercial facilities.  We know how to integrate computer network systems to bring your staff fast, seamless operation.  Our team offers high-level industry expertise in fiber optic cabling installations; connection of computers with data centers or closet server stacks; all the latest and up-to-date audio/visual components; surveillance and closed-circuit systems; and more.

Here are just a few of the areas in which DataTek & A/V is prepared to exceed your expectations:

·      LAN wiring infrastructures – comprehensive design, installation and maintenance

·      Installation of all sizes and levels of intercom systems

·      Wiring of conference rooms and meeting rooms

·      Voice cabling/VoIP wiring

·      Installation of any size and number of flat screen televisions

·      Complete telecommunications systems

·      Certified testing and wire management, system-wide

The DataTek & A/V of Tampa difference

Our target is always saving you time and money while providing the exact system and components you need to excel in your business.  The technicians and engineers on our team are all widely experienced in new media and network configuration that results in a truly customized application that meets all your needs.

For low voltage wiring installations in a client’s current facility, we work closely with their IT department to ensure a seamless process.  When wiring computer networks in new facilities, we consult with general contractors, property managers, electricians and other key players to make sure not a single task is left undone.

Planning and design are among the most important services we provide.  We understand today’s cutting-edge technology and how it needs to be laid out and set up to perform at optimal levels.  This understanding we’ll share with you as we work together to design a computer network wiring system that will be a positive, long-term asset to your company.  No matter the size or scope of your project, DataTek & A/V is able to bring you the best results.

Getting started

computer network wiring & cabling professionals of tampa When we meet, our initial job is to learn your current needs and determine the configuration and components that will keep meeting those needs in the future.  Companies and technologies change, so it’s important to look at both current and projected needs down the line to ensure that what we build will return consistent performance over time.

The design we create from our knowledge of your requirements will contain the right solutions at the best possible price – that’s a guarantee we stand by.

Is it time to upgrade your computer network wiring to perform in a way that matches how you do business?  DataTek & A/V of Tampa Bay is ready to help with expert wiring and office cabling services that supports the latest and most efficient technologies.


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