Structured Wiring for Many Applications

structured wiring experts in tampa flWith today’s technology, wiring projects aren’t as simple as they used to be. The installation of flat screen TVs, computer networks, surveillance systems, phone systems and more often need professional oversight to ensure correct configuration and seamless operation.  This is why people call DataTek & A/V of Tampa Bay.

With 25-plus years in the industry, we’re structured wiring experts who have helped homeowners and businesses all across the greater Tampa Bay region with low voltage wiring projects designed to work right and bring greater enjoyment and performance.  We offer a full menu of structured wiring solutions for both “simple” and large, complex projects.

Here are some of the services we can perform for your home or commercial facility.

Computer network & data wiring

For any size computer system and all its components, our structured wiring technicians will ensure that everything is connected and working according to your requirements.  With more than two decades of hands-on experience, you can count on our technicians to complete the job in a manner that’s optimally configured and in accord with all safety codes and specs.

CCTV surveillance/security camera wiring

For both residential and commercial applications, DataTek & A/V will design and install a camera system that gives you around-the-clock monitoring, exceptional video quality and easy data retrieval.

Residential/commercial pre-wire

We’ll work with your contractors to complete all structured wiring and cabling work according to spec during the construction phase of your home or office.

New wiring for existing homes/businesses

When wiring systems become outdated, we’ll install new structured wiring to enhance performance and safety throughout a home or commercial facility.

Speaker wiring

You can have amazing sound within your home or office with your choice of speaker models and sizes, installed expertly in whatever configuration you desire.

Fiber optics

Go with fiber optic wiring to enjoy expanded bandwidth, distance coverage and speed capabilities in computer networks and other technologies.  We perform all sizes and scopes of fiber optic wiring installation.

Satellite TV wiring

We’ll wire your home or office for satellite TV and ensure that every component is connected and operating according to spec.  We work with a “safety first” approach.

Phone & voice wiring

We’re phone system experts, able to design and wire phone systems in any work or home environment.

Cable TV wiring

You’ll get high-quality, consistent performance when we oversee the wiring on your cable TV system.

Video wiring

We’ll install new or upgraded wiring for video system of all sizes.

Intercom wiring

tampa fl best computer network wiringFor small systems or large, multi-component intercom systems, we’ll bring you the highest quality workmanship and results.

For homes and business facilities of all sizes, DataTek & A/V is ready to provide a wide range of low voltage wiring services to enhance your life and increase your productivity.  From computer networks and telecommunications to audio/video systems and home security, we’re fully insured and licensed to deliver the solutions you need.


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