Access Control Systems in Tampa

tampa fl access control installationsFor companies who need to control and monitor employee movement within their facility or simply want to maintain a secure barrier between public and staff zones, the answer is a customized access control system from DataTek & A/V of Tampa Bay.

Access control means just what is says: Offices and areas are blocked to employees who have no need to be there, while cards or other forms of ID are required to access any places within the facility the company wants to secure.

Controlling the flow

A customized access control system lets you dictate what places are accessible and to whom.  It also allows you to set protocols on when these places can be accessed.  Doors simply will not open if an attempt is made by an unauthorized person or by anyone during restricted times.

You can see these types of security systems at work in hospitals and clinics, post offices, municipal and federal buildings and in businesses of all types and sizes.  A properly set-up access control system will provide you with many benefits.

·      Track around the clock all doors that are accessed by any employees

·      Specify the areas within your building each employee can and cannot enter

·      Establish lockout points beyond which the general public is not allowed

·      Generate customizable reports that show all accesses that happened during a given time

·      Easily and quickly restrict access for employees who no longer work for you

·      Be informed whenever a card that you have blocked attempts to gain access to any door

Operating on proximity cards, specialized codes or fobs, DataTek & A/V’s access control systems are easy to configure to give you the exact level of security you require.  A lost card can instantly be voided, making it impossible for the card’s original owner or anyone else to use it.

Issuing new cards is a simple task, as is configuring the Windows-based software and using it to track and monitor all movement inside your building.  Access events are recorded, and the data is stored electronically; the specific data you want can then easily be turned into reports.

DataTek & A/V installs access control systems in Tampa with the features you want

A variety of technologies and devices are available for your customized system:

·      Advanced proxy cards and card readers

·      Entry systems controlled by telephone

·      Exit buttons and electronic door locks

·      Exterior gate entry systems

·      Facility-wide door controls

tampas access control systems customizedOur experienced designers and installation technicians are ready to help you create an access control system that safeguards your company’s private data and physical assets as well as the people who work for you.  Based on your needs, we also can install a fire alarm system and a comprehensive video monitoring system, both of which can be customized and monitored with your access control software.

DataTek & A/V is the name companies think of first in the Tampa Bay area when the need arises for commercial security and state-of-the-art access control systems.  Give us a call and describe your needs, and we’ll tell you how we can help you accomplish your objectives.


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