Hiring a Network Installer

tampas network cabling specialistsNetwork cabling installation is a project that shouldn’t be taken lightly – regardless its size and scope.  Whether you’re looking at having sections of wiring replaced inside a current facility or transferring company operations to an entirely new facility, installing cabling is a multi-faceted job that requires a high level of skill and experience on the part of the technicians.  For this reason, these projects should be managed only by industry professionals.

Like in any situation where you’re going to hire outside your organization for a project, it’s important to take the right steps to ensure you’ve chosen the best contractor for the job.  Here are three important factors to consider in hiring a network cabling installer.

1. Past performance

It’s paramount to a satisfying outcome that you hire an installation firm that has confirmable experience within the industry as well as a thorough understanding of the type of installation you’re planning.  Just because a company performs “cabling installations” doesn’t automatically mean that they’ll be able to manage and complete your project in a way that meets your expectations.

When talking to a prospective contractor, you’ll want to determine if they’re comfortable with all the elements necessary to do your project.  Ask questions, and listen closely to the answers you get.  Ascertain how broad their experience is in the work you need performed, and request contact info for a few of their past clients who can confirm this experience.

2. The estimate

When you’ve decided on one (or several) firms that look like good fits, it’s time to collect estimates.  Prospective firms will do a detailed walk-through of your current or new facility and spend time understanding the network and wiring system in place (for re-wiring projects) or the physical infrastructure potentials for wiring a new building.  You’ll want to have someone from your team who’s generally familiar with the needs of your system to work with the estimator to discuss options and overall strategy.  

When you receive an estimate, read the documentation closely, not only to decide if the cost is within your budget but also to verify that all proposed project tasks actually are necessary.  If you aren’t clear on anything contained in the estimate, contact the installer and get the answers you need.

3. Review certifications

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Before any agreement is made, know who will be managing your installation.  Candidate firms should employ certified low-voltage electricians as well as one or more top-level techs who have expertise in overseeing the design and integration of the many complex components of an infrastructure system.  These professionals are designated as registered communications distribution designers, or RCDDs.

A successful installation comes about through the efforts of both the electrical technicians performing the work and the RCDD, who will ensure that the design is sound and will function correctly now and in the coming years.

When it’s time to install new network cabling in your existing facility or to wire a new building from the ground up, DataTek & A/V of Tampa Bay is ready to do it right.  Our job is to exceed your expectations for service, professionalism and a satisfying outcome.



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