Fiber Optic Cabling: Ideal For Many Network Installations

fiber optic cabling jobs in tampaThe type of cabling used in a new network installation can make a significant difference in how the network performs.  For this reason, deciding on which style of cabling to use is an important task early in the planning stages.  Over the last few years, fiber optic cabling has grown in popularity, making it the preferred choice for most types of network installations.  If it’s the preferred choice for you, DataTek & A/V of Tampa Bay is your preferred installer.

What you need to know about fiber optic cabling

The first thing you need to know is that fiber optic cabling is just plain faster than traditional electrical cabling.  This means that data signals reach their target quicker – and when it comes to downloading and accessing data, we’re always looking to speed things up.  The reason for the enhanced speed is that signals are transmitted with light, not electricity, resulting in not only better speed but almost none of the interference common with electrical cabling.  Because of this, fiber optic cabling can be run just about anywhere and for longer distances without having to add a signal booster.

As to speed, we’re talking signal transmission of above 10 gigs per second, leaving the performance of standard electrical cabling in the dust.  Coupled with a signal that’s remarkably cleaner and more stable, and you can see why so many companies are turning to fiber optics.

In planning a network cabling installation, you want to ask yourself how important increased speed and reduced interference is to those who use your network.  It’s going to cost more to go with fiber optics, but in many cases that cost is easily offset with the greater productivity this type of wiring brings.  Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of fiber optics in depth.

Advantages of fiber optic cabling

·      Greater speed than electrical and other types of wiring – the difference is immediately apparent

·      Increased security, because fiber optic signals can’t be tapped or broken into by malicious sources

·      You’re guaranteed of very clean signals even at long distances

·      It’s one of the easiest types of cabling to install

·      Extremely low interference from EMF and other devices

·      Low voltages mean the cabling is significantly safer to work with than electrical cabling

Disadvantages of fiber optic cabling

tampa's experts in fiber optic cabling·      Currently fiber optic installations cost more than some companies want to spend; however the price is expected to go down as the technology gains a larger share of the market

·      Network interface cards and some other network components in a fiber optic cabling installation also are considered expensive by some

·      More maintenance and repair work will be required with fiber optics than with electrical cabling

·      Fiber optic cabling is more susceptible to environmental damage than other types of cabling

·      Only professionals trained in fiber optic installation should be hired for this work – never a general electrician or workers familiar only with electrical cabling

When it’s time to upgrade the wiring for your network, fiber optic cabling might be your best choice.  To find out more, contact a fiber optic specialist at DataTek & A/V of Tampa Bay.


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