Flat Screen TV Sales and Installation

the finest in tv installations tampaToday’s new flat screen TVs bring sights and sounds to life in a way the old square-box televisions could never dream of doing.  We love big, flat powerful TVs that keep on getting brighter and sharper every year.  If you’re in the market for a new flat screen, DataTek & A/V of Tampa Bay is standing by to help you choose the best unit

In addition to sales of the latest and greatest models of flat screen TVs, we’re known throughout the region as the premier installer, providing complete mounting services for all brands and sizes.  We’ll bring you the entire package, and our prices will not be beat by the numerous dime-a-dozen television retailers out there.

Shop in comfort

When you shop for and order your new flat screen at DataTek & A/V, you’ll avoid the crazy-busy big box stores and hyped-up retail outlets.  Our helpful staff will show you everything that’s available – that means all major brands, all sizes, all resolutions.  Because we know the market inside and out, we can answer your questions to help you purchase the perfect model for your needs.  And don’t forget – we deliver for free!

Do you want optional features like a powerful external speaker system?  Our technicians are experts at home audio wiring and surround sound installations to turn your flat screen into a one-of-a-kind viewing experience.  Do you need your TV to be installed in an unusual place or in an unusual way?  You’ll be happy to know there is nothing “unusual” for us when performing flat screen television installations.

Professional installation makes the difference


Used to be, when you bought a television, installation meant finding a place to set it that wouldn’t break under its weight.  Installing today’s big screen or giant screen TVs is a little more involved.  You need professionals for this job to ensure correct hookup and safe mounting.

Our team of certified A/V techs and electrical engineers understand every aspect of mounting large screen televisions.  We can install with ceiling mounts, flush mounts, tilt mounts or articulating mounts and place your unit exactly where you want it.  All of our work is guaranteed and performed with a “safety-first” attitude, following meticulous installation standards.

If speakers will be added to your new TV, we’ll help you select the best styles and performance levels for your needs and tastes.  Once your speakers are configured and installed, you won’t believe the sound quality that totally transforms the TV-watching experience.

Whatever your project entails – from a standard flat screen TV installation to an elaborate, fully outfitted home theater – you’ll be glad you had professionals on the job to do it right the first time.

Installation timelines

screen mounting tvs in tampa flBasic flat screen TV installation is not a complicated process when you do as many installations as we do across the greater Tampa Bay, Sarasota and St. Petersburg markets.  In most cases, your installation time won’t exceed two hours.  Full home theater systems take longer, but you’ll still be surprised by how fast we’re in and out.

When it’s time for a new flat screen TV and professional installation, DataTek & A/V is here to exceed your expectations.



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