CCTV Surveillance & Security Camera Installation

tampas security camera installs Home security is a big issue today.  Protecting family and the home they live in is paramount in the minds of many people.  If you’ve been thinking about adding a security system to your home with surveillance cameras and CCTV functionality, DataTek & A/V of Tampa Bay is here to help.  We provide comprehensive design and installation of home security camera systems that give you around-the-clock monitoring and protection of your entire property.

With high-quality security cameras, you’ll be able to easily monitor in real-time all activity inside your home, outside your home and across your property from front to back, top to bottom.  And you can do this from inside the house or at any remote location nearby or half-way around the world.

Designed to meet your security needs

Based on your choices for a home security camera system, you can live-stream all points of entry with clear video so you’ll know exactly who’s at your door or on other parts of the property.  A variety of different styles of cameras can be positioned inside the home so that rooms can be monitored around the clock.  If you have a pool and children, we can install cameras in that area, allowing you to keep an eye on the kids while they’re at play.  Couple all this with perimeter surveillance of your property, and you have an air-tight system.

The data from your cameras is easy to access from a touch screen that’s included with the system and from iPhones or other mobile devices.  Safe digital data storage lets you bring up what you want to see from specific cameras at a later date and review it.

Different cameras for different applications in Tampa

DataTek & A/V can supply a variety of camera styles for different applications within your surveillance system.

Pan-tilt-zoom cameras

These are the cameras you see built into the ceiling with shaded domes over them.  They return vivid video imagery with a 360-degree view and can be controlled to target any direction.  The sound quality is clear and bright; the video quality is very high definition.

Covert cameras

For monitoring in every room of your home, covert cameras are ideal.  They’re small and powerful, built to hide easily within normal everyday objects.  With these high-performing cameras, every move an intruder makes can be filmed and saved for future use by law enforcement or courts.

Long-range cameras

new cctv security installations in tampaWhen there is a need to monitor distant activity, long-range surveillance cameras are the right technology.  You get clear video from hundreds of feet away, making these cameras perfect for keeping an eye on big sections of your property, long driveways and even the streets surrounding your property.

Nanny cams

They’re called “nanny cams,” but they monitor a lot more than the activity of nannies.  Strategically placed, nanny cams are good choices if you have household staff, caregivers, workers and others who regularly access your home.

When it’s time to look into state-of-the-art CCTV surveillance and security cameras, count on the experts at DataTek & A/V to help with every detail from design and planning to sales and installation.


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